Honors & Advanced Placement  (AP) Courses

In addition to our normal academic course offerings, BHS offers honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses that hold students to higher levels of rigor. AP courses provide students with the opportunity to earn college credit with a qualifying score on the applicable AP Exam.

Beginning 2020-2021 School Year:

Students wishing to earn the AP Scholar Award and an AP Scholar embroidered pullover must earn a 90 or above in 3 or more AP courses. Students wishing to earn the AP Distinguished Bearcat Award and the privilege of wearing a white tassel at graduation must earn a 90 or above in 5 or more AP courses.

Honors Courses:

Honors 9th Grade Literature

Honors Algebra I

Honors American Literature

Honors Geometry

Honors Biology

Honors Chemistry

AP Courses:

AP US History

AP Language

AP Government

AP Psychology

AP Literature

AP Statistics

AP Calculus

AP Chemistry