Spring ASVAB Opportunity
The Spring 2021 ASVAB is scheduled for March 3, 2021 at 8:00 AM.  You will receive a pass with your test reporting time and location closer to the test date.  You will be expected to take the test that day if you sign up because this ASVAB session has a limit of forty seats available.   Signup Form





The BHS Guidance Department supports all students at Bainbridge High School through college/career, academic, and personal/social services. Our counselors strive to ensure that all students are successful at BHS and are prepared for a variety of postsecondary opportunities. Counselors are assigned to students in 9th grade based on cohort (graduation year) and remain with them through their high school career.

Team Members

Patti Lowe

Counselor- Cohort 2023

Remind: Text 81010

A-L @gocats2023

M-Z @gocats23

April Tabb

Counselor- Cohort 2022

Remind: Text 81010

A-L @2022gocats

M-Z @gocats2022

Parents @2022parnt

Jennifer Ray

Counselor- Cohort 2021

Remind: Text 81010

A-L @cats2021a

M-Z @cats2021b

Darlene Landy

Counselor- Cohort 2020

BAND Group

Johnissa Boyd

Administrative Assistant

Sean Johnson

Assistant Principal/Registrar

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